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The more they play, the more they learn

Dozens of learning activities and games to cover all the foundational preschool content: Language, Math, Music, Visual arts, Social skills,
and more!

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The best educational app for today’s children

Our educational content is made by educators and tested by children. It provides an outstanding learning experience that meets today's standards of security, privacy, and appropriate screen time.

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Multiple Intelligences

We understand that every child is unique, and the app provides learning experiences for each type of intelligence.

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Learning by playing

With our carefully designed play-based activities children are more active and involved in their learning.

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AR & VR content

Using Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, children can experience an exciting new way to learn and play beyond the screen.

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Proven Academic Standards

All Learning Activities were developed by a team of experienced educators, based on the benchmarking of the most important preschool curriculum.

Play with AR and VR

Children can play in the physical space around them or immerse theirself in virtual worlds, where the children can interact with amazing characters and animals.

  • Icon checkmarkImmersive AR and VR activities and games to play with
  • Icon checkmarkPlay with the favorite pet in a playground or in your own space
  • Icon checkmarkDiscover new worlds without the need of a headset

Accelerate your child's learning

Boost your children learning process with ABC World, and get the most out of their screen time. Now your children can learn new skills faster and practice those taught in school, with activities in 8 different inteligences.

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  • Icon intelligence Linguistic

    Reading comprehension, words, syllables.

  • Icon intelligence Logical

    Numbers, math, basic geometric shapes.

  • Icon intelligence Naturalistic

    Recycling, animals, caring for the environment.

  • Icon intelligence Kinesthetic

    Fine and gross motor skills, body movement.

  • Icon intelligence Visual

    Shape and color recognition, spatial perception.

  • Icon intelligence Musical

    Basics of sound, pitch, rhythm, and notes.

  • Icon intelligence Intrapersonal

    Identifying emotions, self-knowledge.

  • Icon intelligence Interpersonal

    Social interactions, collaborative work.

Stories for reading comprehension

Improve reading comprehension and vocabulary through storytelling. With interactive keywords and beautiful illustrations.


Progress reports

Understand how your child learns overtime with insightfull data about their current progress in all intelligences.

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Progress reports

Multilingual learning

In ABC World, language is not a secondary thought. The entire app is designed to help the children learn new languages through play.

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The best learning app for schools

Now your school can make decisions based on evidence. ABC World allows you to understand the progress of your students by identifying the data generated by them while using the app in classrooms.

  • Ícono checkmarkAdapted to BCEP (2018, Chile)
  • Ícono checkmarkProgress stats by student, classroom, and school
  • Ícono checkmarkProgress comparison between classrooms or students
  • Ícono checkmarkReal-time update of learning achievements
  • Ícono checkmarkWeekly progress reports
  • Ícono checkmarkAnalysis by intelligence and learning goals
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